Three Lights is an interactive, virtual reality experience about family during World War I. The experience was placed on exhibition in the National Army Museum, London in November 2018 and Shanghai Tower in July 2019. Three Lights was commissioned by Arts Council England and CreativeXR and made in association with No Ghost and The Mocap Studio. Exhibitions were presented by Electric Skies with the support of HTC Vive.

You are a British soldier in a World War I trench alongside your brother, Stanley, and another soldier called Ralph. After getting to know each other and hearing stories from the frontline, a lantern explodes, your position is revealed, and you take fire from the enemy side. Suffering from shellshock, your journey begins as you traverse history through the prism of family during wartime.

The inspiration for Three Lights comes from wanting to bring history to life by placing people directly into stories as active participants. In this way we bring unique excitement and faciliate understanding and empathy. Historical accuracy was pivotal so we worked with Kings College London’s History Department to ensure a cohesive, educational and visceral experience.